Board Policies

1000 Community Relations
Civility Policy
Uniform Complaint Procedures / Complaint Form (02/21)
Procedimientos uniformes de quejas (02/21)
Da Vinci RISE High Campus Supervision and Visitors (07/18)
Visitors on Campus (06/19)

3000 Business and Noninstructional Operations
Document Retention/Destruction Policy (08/18)
Facilities and Grounds Use Policy (07/20)
Fiscal Policies and Procedures Manual (03/20)
Da Vinci Schools Comprehensive School Safety Plan Policy (02/19)
Da Vinci Communications Comprehensive School Safety Plan (02/20)
Da Vinci Connect Comprehensive School Safety Plan (02/19)
Da Vinci Design Comprehensive School Safety Plan (02/20)
Da Vinci RISE High Comprehensive School Safety Plan (01/21)
Da Vinci Science Comprehensive School Safety Plan (02/20)
Parent Reimbursement for Travel to RTC (01/18)
Student Fees and Charges (02/19)
RISE High Student Fees and Charges (02/19)
RISE High Admission/Enrollment/Attendance (07/18)

4000 Personnel
Lactation Accommodation (02/19)
Non-Discrimination (02/19)
Social Media Policy  (07/18)
Staff/Student Interaction (07/18)
Whistle-blower Policy (10/20)

5000 Students
Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions (11/19)
Alcohol and Other Drugs (11/19)
RISE High Alternative Grading During Disasters/School Closures (05/20)
Anaphylaxis (11/19)
Annual Notification – Educational Equity: Know Your Rights
Annual Notification of FERPA Rights
Behavior Interventions for Students in Special Education (11/21)
Bullying (07/18)
Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting (07/18)
Differential Graduation and Competency Standards for Students with Disabilities (01/20)
Field Trip Request Guidelines (11/19)
Grades and Achievement (06/21)
Head and Neck Injury (11/19)
Head Lice (11/19)
Healthcare Emergencies (11/19)
Home Hospital Instruction and Forms (08/20)
RISE High Home Visitations (6/20)
Identification and Evaluation of Individuals for Special Education (01/20)
Immigration and Citizenship Status
Immunizations (11/19)
Independent Education Evaluation (01/20)
Individualized Education Program (01/20)
Law Enforcement Officers and DCFS Workers on Campus (11/19)
Life Threatening Allergies (11/19)
Nonpublic, Nonsectarian School and Agency Services for Special Education (01/20)
Possession of Cell Phones and Other Personal Electronic Signaling Devices (10/19)
Pregnant, Parenting, and Lactating Students (02/19)
Procedural Safeguards and Complaints for Special Education (01/20)
Racist, Discriminatory, and Dehumanizing Incidents (08/20)
School-Sponsored Trips (11/19)
Service Animals (09/17)
Sexual Harassment (02/19)
Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction (10/19)
RISE High Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction (10/19)
Special Education Staff (01/20)
Specialized Physical Health Care Services (11/19)
Student Attendance (06/19)
Student Discipline (07/18)
Student Records (02/19)
Student Transfers Between Da Vinci Schools (06/19)
Student Wellness and Nutrition (01/18)
Suicide Prevention (02/19)
Suspension and Expulsion (11/19)
Transportation by Private Vehicle on School-Sponsored Trips (10/19)
Transportation for Students with Disabilities (11/19)
Use of Technology, Acceptable Use Agreement, and Virtual Learning Code of Conduct (04/20)

6000 Instruction
Education for Homeless Children (06/13)
Grades and Achievement (06/21)
High School Graduation Requirements (06/21)
Independent Study Policy (10/21)
RISE High Independent Study Policy (10/21)
Math Placement Policy (3/22)
Section 504 (02/19)

9000 Board Bylaws
Amended & Restated Articles of Incorporation (04/19)
Articles of Incorporation (09/08)
Amended & Restated Bylaws (04/19)
Conflict of Interest Policy (06/09)
Conflict of Interest Code (10/20)
RISE High Conflict of Interest Policy (09/18)
RISE High Conflict of Interest Code (10/20)