Rivet School with Da Vinci

Rivet School with Da Vinci

Michelle Rainey, Executive Director
Tami Christopher, Principal

550 Continental Blvd.
El Segundo, CA 90245

(310) 725-5800

Rivet School with Da Vinci
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Founded in 2015 as Da Vinci Extension, Rivet School with Da Vinci is a college and career program for Da Vinci seniors who opt to stay at Da Vinci to earn an Associate's, Bachelor's degree, or one-year of transferable college credit for free through Da Vinci's college partners, Southern New Hampshire University and Arizona State University (ASU). This program includes on-the-job work experience through internships, project consults, and boot camps in the community.

Da Vinci seniors who choose to continue their journey with Rivet School with Da Vinci will enroll in college at no cost to the student or their family. Da Vinci is committed to providing a pathway to associate and bachelor's degree completion without financial barriers. Students will participate in a flexible, online accredited degree program with opportunities for in-person meetings and career-connected learning on the Da Vinci Connect/Rivet School with Da Vinci campus.

Over the past three years, 37 students have earned an AA degree, 6 students have earned a bachelor’s degree, and more than 30 students have transferred to four-year colleges and universities, including UC San Diego, UC Santa Cruz, Sonoma State University, Fresno State University, Arizona State University, and many more.

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Rivet School with Da Vinci students have participated in a wide range of successful project consults with Da Vinci industry partners, including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Susan G. Komen, ESMoA, American Heart Association, Sprouts of Promise, Boys and Girls Club, Farmer Mark (South Bay farmers markets), Rock the Vote, and UPS, among others, as well as  internships at Belkin International, Gensler, 72andSunny, and more.

Rivet School with Da Vinci is a fantastic option for Da Vinci students who are seeking free college, transferable college credit, extra support in small cohorts with Da Vinci teachers, workplace experience, financial literacy classes, and more.