Enrollment FAQ

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Q: When can I apply for the 2021-22 school year?
A: The application window opens on November 1, 2020.

Q: When is the deadline for the application?
A: The Priority Application Deadline is February 28, 2021. In order to be admitted, you must apply so we know you are interested in attending. We strongly encourage all applicants to attend an Information Meeting. For the upcoming school year, our information meetings will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The information meetings will be recorded and accessible on our website. You can find the latest information on our Enrollment Overview webpage.

Q: Who gets admitted to Da Vinci Schools?
A: Some students receive a preference/priority in admissions. Based on our charters and state and federal laws, applications are collected and sorted by preference order:


  1. Students who are currently enrolled.
  2. Siblings of students currently enrolled in DV Connect from grades K-11 of the previous school year.
  3. Children of teachers, staff, and Board members, not to exceed 10% of enrollment.
  4. Residents of the Wiseburn Unified School District.


  1. Students who are currently enrolled at a Da Vinci School from grades 9-11 of the previous school year, or high school students who have not yet graduated.
  2. Residents of the Wiseburn Unified School District.
  3. Children of any Da Vinci or Wiseburn teachers, staff, and Board members, not to exceed 10% of enrollment.
  4. Students who are currently attending Wiseburn K-8 schools on permit (entered district in K-5) or currently attending Da Vinci Connect since elementary school (entered charter in K-5).
  5. Students who are currently attending Wiseburn K-8 schools on permit (entered district in 6th grade) or currently attending Da Vinci Connect since 6th grade (entered charter in 6th grade).
  6. Students who are currently attending Da Vinci Connect in 7th or 8th grade (entered charter in 7th or 8th grade).
  7. Siblings of students currently enrolled at a Da Vinci School from grades 9-11 of the previous school year.

Q: Who can attend Da Vinci Schools?
A: All California students are eligible to attend charter schools pursuant to state and federal law. Students who live within the Wiseburn Unified School District boundaries are guaranteed enrollment at Da Vinci high schools as Da Vinci Communications, Da Vinci Design, and Da Vinci Science serve as Wiseburn's "home" high schools. Wiseburn residents who submit a late application may not receive their first choice of school.

Q: What is an enrollment lottery?
A. As prescribed by state law, charter schools conduct an enrollment lottery—a public random drawing— for available enrollment spaces as a way to ensure equal opportunity of access for all students. (At most charter schools, including Da Vinci, there are more applications than enrollment spaces available.) During the lottery, all TK-12 students are assigned enrollment spaces according to the order in which their names are drawn. For example, the first name places that student first on the enrollment list. Once all enrollment spaces have been filled, subsequent students are placed on a waiting list to fill any vacancies that may arise.

Q: How does my child apply to 10th, 11th, or 12th grade?
A: Current high school students applying for 10th through 12th grades are "transfer" students who desire to transfer to our schools. The application process is the same as that for other students, however, we ask for a transcript to ensure the student is qualified for the grade level for which he or she is applying. > See Transfer Students

Q: Does Da Vinci have a separate enrollment process or lottery for students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs)?
A: No. Students with IEPs and students with identified learning disabilities are enrolled using the same lottery process. By law, we do not ask any questions about whether a student receives special education services under after an offer of enrollment is made.

Q: When will we know whether our child has been accepted or placed on the waiting list?
A: Notification of your child’s place on the enrollment list or waiting list will be emailed to you within 10 days after our lotteries are held. Students who are offered enrollment must complete the online registration packet by the deadline. If you are offered enrollment, but do not complete the enrollment process by the specified date, your space will be given to another student. Applicants not admitted through the lotteries have their names placed on a waiting list in the order drawn during the lotteries. Da Vinci notifies wait-listed applicants immediately as space becomes available. Families do not need to be present on lottery night.

Q: If one child gets into the school, how about his/her siblings?
Siblings of currently attending students in grades K-7 and grades 9-11 of the previous school year receive an enrollment preference within DV Connect and Da Vinci Communications, Da Vinci Design and Science, respectively. Due to the large number of applications we receive from siblings, we no longer give sibling consideration (previously called a sibling “bump” or "family number") to two or more siblings who apply at the same time.

Q: What happens to late applications?
A: Completed applications received after the priority application deadline are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The names of late applicants are put at the bottom of the waiting list in the order applications are received. Wiseburn residents are always guaranteed a spot at a Da Vinci high school, may not receive their first choice of school if they submit a late application. > See Wiseburn Residents

Q: Is there an application fee or tuition?
A: No. Da Vinci Schools are free, public charter schools and are supported by educational tax dollars, as well as from other public and private sources.

Q: Do my children need to be immunized to attend Da Vinci Schools?
A: On June 30, 2015, Governor Brown signed into law, SB 277, California's new immunization law requiring that school children be vaccinated with certain exceptions called "exemptions." The new law eliminates the personal beliefs exemption.

Q: When will the 2021-22 school year begin?
A: Instruction will begin in mid-August 2021. Please check back in the spring for the exact date.

Q: Do I need a permit or a release from my home district to attend a charter school?
A: No. All California students are eligible to attend charter schools. You do not need permits or releases to attend a charter school. However, there may be some paperwork required by your district to complete the enrollment process and obtain student records.

Q: Can I apply to Da Vinci Schools through the Wiseburn Unified School District?
A: No. The Da Vinci Schools enrollment process is completely separate from the enrollment process for the K-8 public schools in the Wiseburn Unified School District. However, both organizations utilize the SchoolMint enrollment system making the enrollment process easy to complete.

Q: Can I enter my child into more than one high school site's lottery?
A: Yes, but only one application is needed. When you complete an application, you will be asked to rank your school choices.

Q: Do the Da Vinci Schools admit students during the school year?
A: When there are spaces available, students may periodically be enrolled during the fall semester and through the beginning of the second semester in late January. In order to be considered for mid-year enrollment, you must have an Enrollment Application on file with us.

Q: What happens if we are offered a space off the wait list?
A: If we are filling a space and your name is next on the list, we will call you at the phone numbers you have provided on your application. Please provide working numbers. You will have until noon the next business day to respond before we move on to the next name on the list.

Q: What happens if we are not offered our first choice school or program?
A: If you are on the wait list and accept an offered space at one of our high schools, you will be removed from the list; you cannot accept a space at one Da Vinci school and simultaneously wait for another Da Vinci school. You may instead opt to remain on the wait list for your first choice school, realizing that you run the risk of not being offered a space there if none are available.

Q: If my waiting list number does not come up for the school year I applied for, will I be automatically placed on the waiting list again the following school year?
A: No. For each new school year, you must reapply. There is no priority list for former waiting list families.

Q: If students are already enrolled at the school, will they have to re-apply every year?
A: Once your student is accepted and remains in good standing, he or she will have a space with us for the duration of their time at Da Vinci Schools. Families will be asked to complete a Continuing Enrollment form via the SchoolMint system in the spring of each year in order to confirm their wish to have their student continue at Da Vinci.

All NEW applicants to Da Vinci high schools, including Da Vinci Connect 8th grade students, must submit an application via our website at www.davincischools.org during the admissions period.

Q: Can my child switch between schools?
A: Transfers between high schools will be possible only during the summer. However, students who wish to transfer must have parent/guardian consent and make the request in writing via an Intra-Transfer Request form beginning in January, during the continuing enrollment response period. Intra-school transfers are granted depending on available space, the student's good standing, and the approval of both the releasing and receiving principals.


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