Wiseburn Residents

A World Class Education, Right Here in Wiseburn

Da Vinci Schools are free public schools and serve as the residence high schools for Wiseburn Unified.  Wiseburn residents are always guaranteed a spot at Da Vinci Schools!

In order to reserve your spot, you must apply and complete the enrollment process. Wiseburn residents must complete an application so we know you are interested in a space. The 2024-25 application will be available beginning Nov. 1, 2023. Applicants who apply after the Priority Application Deadline of Feb. 29, 2024 may not receive their first choice of school.

For transfer students (grades 10-12), we require official academic transcripts in order to complete the registration process. Please note that progress reports/report cards/student information system print-outs are not acceptable. Transcripts are used for grade level determination, not for admissions purposes. 9th grade applicants do NOT need to provide a transcript.

TK-8 Students
Wiseburn Residents also are guaranteed a spot at Da Vinci Connect TK-8. For enrollment in Wiseburn Unified School District's K-8 schools, please visit the District's website.

Enrollment Process
Step 1: Apply to Da Vinci Schools using the online enrollment application through SchoolMint. Applications received after the Priority Application Deadline may not receive their first choice of high school.

Step 2: Complete the registration process
Wiseburn Residents who apply before the priority application deadline will be emailed a registration packet in early March prior to the lottery. If you have not received a packet by mid-March, please contact the enrollment team at enrollment@davincischools.org. Wiseburn Residents do NOT go into the lottery.

Wiseburn Residents are urged to complete the enrollment process by mid-April. All enrollment documents will be submitted electronically.

Residents should be prepared to submit three proofs of Residency at the time of application -- select from the following:

    • Mortgage statement or rental agreement showing that house is located within the Wiseburn Unified School District boundaries
    • Valid parent/guardian's Driver's License or California I.D. card
    • Utility bill (gas or electric)
    • Bank or credit card statements
    • Car registration or car insurance
    • Pay stub

Questions? Please reach out to our enrollment team at (310) 331-8097 or at enrollment@davincischools.org.


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High School Enrollment
Laura Nilsson

Da Vinci Connect & DVX Enrollment
Ebony Bobadilla
(310) 725-5800, Ext.5104

Da Vinci RISE Enrollment
Ashley Oku
(562) 360-9472