Systems change requires innovation, partnership, and much more

In addition to our network of schools, Da Vinci Schools serves as an incubator of big ideas to drive systemic change in education.

A flexible and innovative educational ecosystem
Every child is unique with different interests, needs, gifts and future goals. That's why, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Da Vinci has created different school models so students and families can choose the type of personalized learning experience that's the best fit for them.

A seamless pathway of lifelong learning
We seek to create a seamless pathway of lifelong learning from TK through college and beyond, as students transition into and through college and gainful employment. Our aim is to shepherd students into happy, purposeful, and upwardly-mobile adults. We honor the wisdom of taking risks, learning from our mistakes and failures, and strengthening our resilience.

We serve as a learning laboratory
Da Vinci is a proud research and development learning laboratory with more than 3,000 educators from six continents visiting Da Vinci since our inception. To meet the growing demand from educators seeking to learn more about our schools, we launched Da Vinci Institute for Professional Learning for adult educators to gain access to our best practices, resources, and training. Over the past few years, we have created personalized professional development for schools in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, South Korea, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, and many others. Our yearly Transforming Learning Conference provides additional training for educators interested in learning redesign or whole school transformation. Our ultimate goal: equitably prepare all students to thrive in a diverse and changing world.

An affordable pathway to degree completion
Just 11% of low income students graduate college. Most leave college with debt and no degree. At Da Vinci, we strive to create affordable, flexible pathways leading to AA or Bachelor's degree completion through Da Vinci Connect High School and Da Vinci Extension, two college and career programs in partnership with Southern New Hampshire University, Arizona State University, and El Camino College. Students can get a jump start on college by earning a two- or four-year college degree while at Da Vinci, for free!

The power of partnership
We know we can achieve far more together than we could ever on our own. Da Vinci has hundreds of industry, higher education, and nonprofit partners who provide career-connected learning experiences, mentoring, internships, project planning support, direct funding, and much more.

Diversity, equity and inclusion
Da Vinci Schools is dedicated to fostering inclusive learning environments that prioritize educational equity for all students. We have an organization-wide commitment to closing opportunity and skills gaps and creating spaces in our organization for diverse voices to be heard, especially those of our students.

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