• World History, Da Vinci Communications

    Dani Guerrero

    Dani Stephan Guerrero teaches World History at Da Vinci Communications. She is a HUGE history nerd. Born and raised in the Inland Empire, Dani...
  • World History, Da Vinci Design

    Heidi Jones

    Heidi has been part of the Da Vinci Design family since 2013. Initially, she taught 12th grade Government and Economics, but is now excited...
  • World History, Da Vinci Science

    Julie Ichiroku

    Julie Ichiroku has been a proud member of the Da Vinci family since 2011. A SoCal native and long-standing Beach Boys fan, she has always wanted...
  • U.S. History, Da Vinci Science

    Steve Anderson

    Steve Anderson loves his family, his students, coffee, laughing, Sour Patch Kids, the Los Angeles Dodgers and teaching U.S. History at Da Vinci...
  • 11th Grade U.S. History, Da Vinci Communications

    Steven Covelman

    Steven Covelman is excited to be joining the Da Vinci Communications team as the U.S. History teacher. After growing up in Irvine, California,...