DVX students speaking with industry experts

DVX Students Partner With Companies On Real World Projects

Da Vinci Extension students are learning to thrive in the gig economy. As part of students’ internship experience, several companies came to Da Vinci for a Project Consult Kickoff event on Tuesday, October 10th to task students with a real world six-week project.

Working in teams of 4-6 on projects for companies that benefit the community, DVX students will be responsible for a discreet project and deliverables that are part of larger projects that are currently taking place at each company. The students recently had the opportunity to sit down with professionals from ESMoA, Habitat for Humanity, Farmer Mark, Cal Greenworks, Black Joy Parade, and more. Projects include the creation of a social media strategy and marketing plan, event planning for a Video Art + Film Festival, and developing an investor pitch deck. Students will spearhead their project by serving as excellent project managers — this includes sending out calendar invites, creating Google folders, and scheduling conference calls. They will check in and complete a final presentation on site at the business they are working with.

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