FutureCon 2037: What Does The Future Look Like?

Industry experts from, SpaceX, Deutsch, Bio-Plastics Recycling, Karl Storz, 530medialab, and Age of Learning shared their industry predictions for the future in connection with Da Vinci Design’s FutureCon: A look at 2037, held on Friday.

Jon Barr, Lead Avionics Engineer at SpaceX, predicted that space flight will be as common as airplanes and we will have landed on Mars for the first time.

“Creativity will enter a new era of possibilities not purely because of technology, but because we will crave more rawness of emotion in our lives” predicted Rob Campbell, Chief Strategy Officer of Deutsch.

“Over 50% of the materials we use for manufacturing will be made from recycled materials. Most companies will have programs to recycle or fix products instead of sending broken products to the landfill” predicted Brian Chung, CEO and founder of Bio-Plastics Recycling.

“There will be ultimate convergence of devices and people in mobile ways to deliver a healthcare system that’s connected and predictive” predicts Christy Gaudet, Director of OR1 Marketing at Karl Storz.

Isaac Yoon, a software engineer at Age of Learning, said that “almost everyone will be software engineers in 2037. As technology becomes more integrated in our society, everyone will be trained to code to an extent.”

Ciara, a Da Vinci Design senior shared that “the exhibition was interesting because I learned about different problems in different industries that I could possibly help solve in 20 years.”

All six experts provided extensive background about their respective industries while helping students think about what the future holds. Students participated in workshops throughout the day where they brainstormed with industry experts around future problems and innovations focused in the areas of aerospace technology, social trends, environment bio-products, computer science software engineering, marketing and advertising, and medical health surgical features.

It was an exciting day for students to engage with Da Vinci professional partners and to envision themselves working in industries that they are passionate about.

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