Career Boot Camps Ensure Da Vinci Extension Students Are Ready for the Professional World

Today’s first impressions are digital. Students need perfect resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles to even get the opportunity to make an in-person impression.

Da Vinci Extension (DVX) students participated in a 2-week career boot camp this month focused on professional communication and the creation of a perfect application suite: a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. With one-on-one guidance and edits, students elevated their application presence and future internship prospects. According to William Modster, 13th year DVX student, “Working on our resumes and cover letters helped us remember what we need for future opportunities.” Students will be starting 12-week, 20 hour/week internships in March and further honing their professionalism skills.

The career boot camp culminated with a day at Deutsch advertising agency. Students toured the hip space and Deutsch staff shared career advice about how to create an elevator pitch, make a good first impression, and make connections (not friendships) at a job or internship. Deutsch recruitment and HR staff shared the dos and don’ts of the job application process while Creative Directors shared the best majors for students interested in creative jobs. “If you want to be a creative, major in anything BUT advertising.” A consistent takeaway: “Whatever you want to do, just start doing it. Get in the space, build relationships, and create work samples.” Deutsch staff also emphasized the need for students to create a digital portfolio or website to showcase their work.

Dulce Morales, a 13th year DVX student, said, “This boot camp was helpful because it gave me a better understanding of how it’s important to always be learning and growing. Also, it was helpful because it gave me more insight on how to be successful at my upcoming internship at Belkin International.

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