Return to Campus Update (March 30, 2021)

TO:  Da Vinci Families & Staff
FROM:  Dr. Jennifer Hawn, Chief Operating Officer

March 30, 2021

As we head into Spring Break next week, we would like to keep you updated on our preparations for bringing students back to campus, starting April 12th.

Travel Advisory: Please be advised that the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health still has a travel advisory in place. Residents of Los Angeles County should “continue to avoid all non-essential travel .” For those who must travel out of state, please note self-quarantine for 10 days is required upon return from travel . The Travel Advisory can be found HERE, and please reach out to your school administrator if you have any questions regarding your child and this advisory.

Reopening Communication: On March 26th, all of our site administrators sent communications to families regarding requests to participate in on-campus activities. If you have questions about your child’s/children’s schedule, please reach out to your school administrator for additional information. We are VERY excited to see our students back on campus!

COVID Parent & Student Handbook: If you were unable to attend your school’s presentation about reopening planning, our Da Vinci Schools Nurse, Dr. Emily Green, provided important information regarding health and safety procedures for students and parents when on campus. Information includes entrance procedures, health screening, safety equipment, and other important information that will keep us all safe. Links to the COVID Parent & Student Handbook are below:

Link to Spanish version with audio text
Link to English version

Systems for Reopening: Later this week, our Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Vicente Bravo, will be sending out information on some of the systems you and your students will be using as they return to campus. Information will be provided on how to access and complete the screening process through Facilitron, how temperatures will be taken at the Instascan station, and how and where you will be dropping off/picking up your students with maps for each of our campuses.

As always, we encourage you to stay informed of planning through our Da Vinci Schools website: DV Website

We look forward to updating you again next week on our preparations for returning to campus.