Find your passion in a student club

Students are encouraged to join or start a student club. Clubs are student-run, overseen by a faculty sponsor. Generally, before school and after school clubs are open to students from all high schools. Here is a sampling of some of our club offerings:

Aerospace Club
American Red Cross Club
Animal Advocacy
AP Calculus
Asian Representation
Astronomy Club
Biomedical Association
Black Student Union
Bright Life
Chess Club
College Club
Community & Crafts Club
Community Service Club
Computer Science Club
Cosmetology Club
Creative Writing Club
Cultural Diversity
Da Vinci Con
Da Vinci Esports
Dance Club
Debate Club
DnD (Dungeons and Dragons)
Do You Care? Club
DVC Casion Club
DVC Marine Biology Club
DV Connect Literacy Arts Club
EA Sports
EMCB Fitness Club
Entrepreneur Club
Entrepeneur Sharks
Fashion Club
Feminist Club
Film Club
First Gen Club
Folklorico Dance Club
Forensic Science
Formula 1 Supremacy
Friendship Club
Futbol Club
Games Club
Girls Who Code
GSA – Gender and Sexuality Alliance
Help for the Homeless
Interact Club
Jam Club
Karaoke Club
Keeping Up with the Wolfpack
Key Club
Krazy Craft Club
Latinos Unidos
Latino Student Union
Latinx Student Union
Magic the Gathering
Mental Health Awareness Club
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A.)
Multi-Cultural Student Union
Music Production
Muslim Student Union
National Society of Black Engineers
Organic Minds DVC Podcast
Peer Mentors
Philosophy Club
Pink and Lavender
Pokemon Club
Politics and Debate Club
Pride Club
Private Girls Chat Club
Promoting Architecture Mastery Club (P.A.M.)
Self and Team Improvement (S.T.I.C.)
Senior Activities
Shakespeare and Acting
Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
Soft Skills Theater Club
Speech and Debate
SRK Teen Traffic Safety Club
Star Wars Club
Student Task Force (STF)
Study Club
Super Kpop Club
Super Smash Bros Clubs
Surf Club
Table Tennis Association of Da Vinci Science
The Filipino Club
The Med Mingle (The Path FInder) Club
Theater Club
Theme Parks and Coaster Club
True Crime Time
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Words Behind Faith