Girl from design
Bria Tyehimba
DVD Class of 2018

“Da Vinci promotes personal growth by holding us accountable for our work. I have learned how to collaborate with others and to be patient. DVD is preparing us for college and beyond.”

Boy from Innovation academy
Kareem Syed
DV Connect Class of 2028

"Da Vinci Connect makes me feel more educated. I like the great teachers and different projects that we do every year. DV Connect has helped me learn different facts over the years like pushing, pulling, gravity, and animal communication."

Girl from communications
Trina Umana
DVC Class of 2019

“I have always struggled to find enjoyment in math -- DVC has helped me find a love for it. DVC also has opened up doors for me in computer science and coding. Because of the projects here, I can now code my own website.”

Boy from science
Mark Andal
DVS Class of 2018

“DVS has a warm, “home” feeling. I’ve met motivated students who are really awe-inspiring and make me want to push myself. The culture and people at DVS are so diverse, and that’s what makes it so great!”