Visitor Policy

November 9, 2021

Da Vinci campuses are open to visitors, with COVID-19 protocols in place to limit the risk of spread among our school communities.

The following Visitor Policy applies to the general public, such as parents/guardians, volunteers, mentors, college representatives, interns, student teachers, consultants, and anyone else who will be on our campuses for an extended period of time:

Visitors to Da Vinci Schools must show proof of either a COVID vaccination or negative PCR/Antigen test (taken within the last 72 hours) in addition to wearing a face covering while indoors to ensure the safety of our school community. This does not apply to brief encounters such as picking up a sick student or dropping off a Chromebook. Home tests are not accepted. When you check-in to a Da Vinci site, you will be asked to show your vaccination card (paper or digital) or a negative test and I.D.

Da Vinci will not be able to provide COVID testing for anyone who is not a staff member or student.

Da Vinci will not be requiring proof of either a COVID vaccination or negative PCR/Antigen test for school-sponsored activities occurring outside school hours that are held outdoors, or for sporting events in the gym (per CIF guidelines).

Thank you for your support of our effort to keep our students, staff and community safe. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Vicente Bravo, Chief Administrative Officer, at