Kim Harmon

Education Specialist, Da Vinci RISE High @ APCH

Kim Harmon is the Education Specialist at the Da Vinci RISE High APCH campus. Kim is a Special Educator with 10 years of experience teaching in New York City and her beloved hometown of Los Angeles, to which she has recently and gleefully returned. Along her career, Kim has had the privilege of working with a beautifully diverse body of students, educators, and community members, whether it is in San Francisco, the Bronx, Altadena, South Central LA, or Ramallah, Palestine. Her passions are culturally responsive, compassion-rooted anti-racist education, the performing arts, language in all its forms (including mathematics!), and the exploration of student voice. When not teaching, she travels everywhere she can to taste absolutely every kind of food. Ask her about the glory of a banh mi sandwich or the impact of urban food-deserts and get ready for a two-hour conversation in either case! Kim is excited and humbled to contribute to the exceptional team at DaVinci Rise. She holds a Master of Science in Special Education and a Master of Fine Arts in Queer and Activist Experimental Performance. Kim lives in LA with her spouse, Bradley, their incredible 1-year old son, Hudson, and their cat, who is named Cat.

Kim Harmon
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