Alex Creencia

Biology, Da Vinci Science

Alex Creencia is excited to be a part of the Season 12 staff at Da Vinci Science. She is both passionate and committed to using biology as a vehicle to engage students to be curious about the world around them.

She believes that understanding the nature of science is crucial for students to lead healthy and informed lives where they feel empowered and are equipped with the tools to be advocates for themselves and their community.

Having earned her Bachelor’s in Biology Education alongside her credential at CSULB, Alex has learned that the possibilities are endless when we practice empathy, focus on relationship building, and take our time fostering a safe and equitable learning community by capitalizing on cultural differences as invaluable resources.

Aside from teaching, Alex loves finding new places to eat, attending concerts, and going on long drives to find out what her Spotify algorithm will show her next.

Alex Creencia
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