Adriana Fonseca

Academic Coach, Da Vinci Communications

Adriana is very excited to join the Da Vinci Communications as Academic Coach. As a Parent Educator from Da Vinci Connect for several years, she has developed a strong appreciation for the transformative power of education. With a Forest Engineering degree, most of her 15+ years of career were dedicated to the development of Brazilian nonprofit organizations. In 2013, her family had an opportunity to move from Brazil, and they didn’t think twice – with two kids, ten bags, and a chocolate Labrador, they landed in the USA on Thanksgiving! In 2016, she decided to study Architecture to fulfill her passion for residential design. During that period, she worked as a Teacher Assistant at El Camino College supporting professors and students. Being a mom of two neurodivergent kids, Adriana has always advocated for an inclusive and individualized educational approach that fits their unique needs and embraces their diverse ways of learning. In her free time, she loves live music, cooking, traveling, and camping.

Adriana Fonseca
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