Our alumni network continues to grow! From UCLA to Dartmouth, Stanford to MIT, Cal Poly, Mt. Holyoke, West Point, Cal State Long Beach, and many places in between, our alums are distinguishing themselves as passionate, hard working, and persistent college students.

Our alumni coordinators record and track enrollment data as we graduate more and more Da Vinci alumni; host alumni panels and video chats for seniors providing advice and insight about college and the college-going process; and organize events for alumni to return "home" and stay connected with the teachers and friends they knew from Da Vinci. These have been a fun, successful events in the past and we can't wait for the next one!

DVD alum Jonathan Kidd

DVD alum Jonathan Kidd '16 is featured in UCLA Academics on the Hill. Click the image to play the video.

DVS alums

DVS Teacher Gerard Besina with Richard Palacios and Bert Holguin, both Class of 2013


Russell Stoll
Da Vinci Design

Katie Kondo
Da Vinci Science

DVS Alumni Connection