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Da Vinci Schools were founded on the principle that all students will graduate as collaborative, informed, resourceful and reflective individuals who are college-ready, career-prepared, and community-minded.

We believe that the Three R's of education -- rigor, relevance and relationships -- are essential to student success. Research shows when learning is challenging, hands-on, interesting, personalized, and incorporates the technology that students use in their daily lives, students are more motivated, have higher attendance rates, are more likely to retain the knowledge, and graduate and attend college in higher numbers.

Our schools combine a project-based, college preparatory curriculum with real-world active learning, work experience,and early college classes ensuring that students acquire the 21st century skills needed for today's workplace. Da Vinci students "learn by doing" through hands-on, interdisciplinary projects that address real-world problems and challenges, transforming students from passive receivers of information into enthusiastic learners, thinkers and problem-solvers who assume greater responsibility for their learning. Students work cooperatively in technology-rich classrooms where they are encouraged to ask questions, explore, investigate, collaborate, manage resources, strategize, solve problems, and decide how they will achieve their goals.

Standardized testing is one tool in our overall assessment and accountability system at Da Vinci Schools, but we do not "teach to the test" or follow the old factory-model of education where teachers lecture at the front of the class and students memorize facts that are quickly forgotten. We think that we can be more effective educators if we disrupt the assembly line approach to education by finding students’ unique gifts and interests and cultivating them so students can change their world. Our teachers are curriculum leaders who have autonomy to design rigorous and innovative projects exceeding the Common Core Standards while being tailored to the individual learner and his or her interests. Our community partners play a vital role by helping to align our projects to industry expertise and standards.

Success in the 21st century requires new skill sets and a different approach to learning. All of us in the Da Vinci community -- students, families, staff, board members, community partners and supporters -- are committed to ensuring that every Da Vinci student graduates with the knowledge, skills, confidence and compassion needed for success in college and the global workforce.

Our Organizational Norms

  1. We exist as an organization to serve students to the very best of our individual and collective abilities.
  2. We believe schools can make a profound difference in the lives of children, communities, and the future workforce.
  3. We work towards a shared mission, vision and purpose around project-based learning, real-world connections, and professional growth.
  4. We approach our work with humility, honesty and a growth mindset, and we encourage and celebrate success, progress, and risk-taking.
  5. We have good intentions and assume that of our colleagues. We speak directly and respectfully to each other when issues or disagreements arise between us and seek mutual understanding.
  6. We create and cultivate a cohesive, caring and trusting environment that is best for both students and adults in our community.
  7. We have a collaborative, open-source mentality.
  8. Integrity, both collectively and individually, are at the core of how we conduct ourselves.
  9. We are humble stewards of our organization’s resources.
  10. .We embrace equity and diversity in all of its forms and consider it to be one of our greatest strengths.



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