Mission & Vision

Mission (Why we exist – 20-year horizon)
Da Vinci Schools exist to provide our students a real world, project-based, college preparatory curriculum. We create and support a culture of high expectations for all, where students grow in knowledge and wisdom, develop new skills, and form safe and strong relationships with teachers, peers, parents, and the community. Furthermore, our K-8 exists to provide a family collaborative instructional model that supports children to become caring, confident learners in a compassionate learning community that respects and values different interests, abilities, learning styles, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds.

Vision (What we want to be –10-year horizon)

Cradle-to-Grave Learning Organization

  • To graduate students who are college-ready, career-prepared, and community-minded
  • To pursue excellence by cultivating passionate and talented people, innovative programs and practices, and strategic public-private partnerships to prepare students for the world they will soon inherit
  • To create a seamless pathway of lifelong learning from cradle-to-grave, serving as a resource for children and families from infancy, through K-12, and beyond as students transition into and through college completion and gainful employment
  • To shepherd students into happy, independent adults
  • To close the opportunity gap and provide all students with equal access to opportunities that allow them to achieve at the highest levels
  • To end poverty in all its forms everywhere