Steven Eno

Mechanical Engineering CTE Pathway Coordinator, Da Vinci Science

Steve Eno has been an educator for 11 years. He launched the engineering program at El Segundo High School and was the Teacher of the Year in 2014-2015. During this time, Steve launched his first startup, Eno Software, to build mastery-based grading tools for the Loyola Marymount Center for Math and Science Teaching (CMAST). After moving to Maryland, he launched the SEED (Social Entrepreneurship, Engineering, and Design) Program at the McDonogh School. He was lucky to have the opportunity to home school his three boys for a year while building his second startup, Impact Connections, which helped families build community learning pods during the pandemic. Steve then joined multiple education startups to learn more about the space, including Spike Lab, Synthesis, and 2Sigma School. He joined Da Vinci as the mechanical engineering pathway coordinator for Da Vinci Science and a product developer for the Da Vinci Institute.

Steven Eno
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