Korey Hlaudy

Integrated Math 3 & Precalculus, Da Vinci Design

Korey Hlaudy is a Central Valley native from Bakersfield, California. Directly after getting his diploma from Bakersfield High School, he attended the University of California, Davis, where he majored in Economics and minored in Education. He began developing his resume for a career in finance; however, quickly realized that the private sector wasn’t for him. He always loved school and knew that he would end up working in a school setting, especially after studying the myriad of equity and access issues related to education in the United States in college.

This led Korey to apply to Teach For America in 2012, where he began his first official teaching job at Da Vinci Connect (formerly Da Vinci Innovation Academy). During that time, he pursued a Master’s degree in Urban Education with a focus in Policy and Administration at Loyola Marymount University (LMU). In 2014, he joined the Da Vinci Design high school team as the 9th grade Integrated Math 1 teacher, where he helped develop the current math program and the WDV Athletics Program. In 2015, he partnered with LMU’s Math Leadership Corps to develop his teacher coaching skills and research how mathematical thinking, problem solving, and self-regulation develop one’s mathematical identity in the classroom. This experience spurred a passion for research and deeper learning. Last year, he started the doctoral program in Educational Leadership for Social Justice at LMU. Da Vinci Design is still his home and he currently teaches 11th grade Integrated Math 3 and Precalculus, coaches the girls and boys varsity volleyball teams, and is the Alumni Coordinator.

Outside of work and school, he enjoys learning from his one-year old, Arthur, playing volleyball, doing yoga, enjoying the sun, food, traveling, and the beach. He is also lucky to be married to Heidi Jones, the World History teacher at Da Vinci Design.

Korey Hlaudy
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