Transfer Students

Transfer Students Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in our schools. Da Vinci usually has limited openings for students wishing to transfer from a different high school. Students who wish to apply for the 10th, 11th or 12th grades are strongly encouraged to attend (or view) an Information Meeting as part of the application process. Please visit our Enrollment Overview page for more info.

Transfer applicants who turn in a timely application are entered into the lottery in order to determine waitlist ranking. When there is an opening, an offer of conditional enrollment will be made. Applicants must then submit transcripts from all prior high schools the student has attended before a final offer is made. For a course to be transferable, the student must have earned a grade of "C-" or better.

Transcripts are used for grade level determination, not for admissions purposes.

Late applications are put at the bottom of the waiting list.

If a transfer student is offered a space at one of our schools and accepts the offer, the student must formally withdraw or dis-enroll from his or her previous high school. This entails a parent or guardian visiting the previous school and completing a withdrawal/disenrollment form.

IMPORTANT: In the event that a transfer student is called for a space during the summer, please ensure that you have requested an official final transcript from the office at your current school in JUNE, before the school's administration goes on summer break. Transfer students without an official final transcript cannot be given a class schedule when school begins in mid-August.

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Fabiola Martin
Enrollment Coordinator
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