Da Vinci Connect

School and Family Collaborative Education
Da Vinci Connect is a public charter school offering families two unique learning models that combine homeschool instruction with school-based learning. >> Apply Today!

**Space available now in Kindergarten for the 2019-20 school year! **

Two Models (K-8)

Homeschool Hybrid Program – 2 days per week of project-based learning on campus, 3 days per week of homeschool.

Homeschool Collaborative Program – 1 day per week on campus, 1 field trip per week, 3 days per week of homeschool.

Families are the primary educators on non-classroom days.


Brianne Allen
(310) 725-5800 x 5103

Family Facilitated

  • Homeschool learning
  • Ongoing workshops and Parent Educator Conferences to support parent educators
  • On-site meetings with credentialed teachers to address/discuss goals and ask questions
  • Personalized learning opportunities

Social Emotional Curriculum

  • Multi-age learning experiences
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships
  • Compassionate communication
  • Building Habits of Heart and Mind
  • Community of care and collaboration

Project-Based Learning

  • Learning-by-doing, with a constructivist focus
  • Opportunity for student voice and choice
  • Public Presentations of Learning
  • Real-world problem-solving
  • Aligned with Common Core State Standards

Why Homeschool?

Our families choose Da Vinci Connect and homeschooling for many reasons. Here are a few they report:

  • Homeschooling allows families to truly know how their children learn
  • Homeschooling provides opportunities to explore passion projects
  • Da Vinci Connect focuses on the learner as much as the learning
  • Homeschooling enables the flexibility to participate in extracurricular learning that there is often little
    time for when students spend 35+ hours per week at school
  • Da Vinci Connect has amazing, passionate and compassionate teachers!
  • Project-based learning is awesome!
  • Traditional schools often have bullying and "cliquish" behaviors


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California Consortium for Independent Study
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Did you know?

Da Vinci Connect is piloting a small high school program in 2019-20 with a focus on high school and college coursework simultaneously, flexible scheduling, online curriculum, in-person projects and supports, competency-based learning, and more.