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Listen to ME! Listen to ME!
Over an 8-week period, product designers and researchers from Karten Design worked with 9th grade Design students in their Humanities and Engineering classes to design headphones that spread messages of social change. Students gained hands-on experience in design research, design thinking, concept ideation, prototyping, problem solving, innovation, collaboration, and more. Karten Design is Da Vinci Schools' first partner in our new innovative program called Ed-U-Creationship.
Don't Hate The Game - 90% Chance to Lose Don't Hate the Game
Don't Hate the Game is Da Vinci's version of Las Vegas. Science students in Algebra 2 created Las Vegas-style casino games to learn about statistics and probability. If you win, you get access to the buffet table. If you lose, you will learn the true moral of our project - gambling never wins!
Soda Inc. Soda, Inc.
It is 1942. The world is at war. Both the Allied and Axis powers have a great thirst for victory. Da Vinci Design's 10th grade class seeks to quench that thirst with their very own soda companies.Students wrote business plans, calculated profitability and costs for production, wrote and translated commercials into Spanish, designed a creative marketing campaign, analyzed the themes of propaganda in advertising, and made soda from scratch.
Temperature and Calories Temperature and Calories
What is cold? Why does an ice pack feel cold? What is heat? How many calories does your favorite dessert have? What the heck is a calorie? How do nutritionists determine the number of calories in popular food items? These questions and more were answered by 10th grade Chemistry students at Da Vinci Science.
To Aim or Not to Aim CSI: Da Vinci
Follow our young sleuths on the crime trail to solve the mystery. For this project, students created their own crime scene; collected, analyzed and interpreted scientific evidence; solved linear equations both graphically and algebraically; drew inferences from facts and used critical thinking skills to draw conclusions; learned about atoms and the elements of the periodic table; and wrote descriptive crime scene reports in scientific language. » Download CSI: Da Vinci Rubric
To Aim or Not to Aim To Aim or Not to Aim... Trebuchet
Engineering students studied math and physics by designing, building and firing medieval-style Trebuchets capable of launching objects over a distance of 30 feet and looking really cool. As part of the unit, students calculated the trajectory of the ball's travel from its starting point to its ending point represented by a quadratic equation. Students were introduced to parabolas, the square root of negative numbers, imaginary numbers, energy, ratios, gravity, inertia, forces and more!
Seeing with Special Eyes: Special Needs Seeing with Different Eyes: Individuals with Special Needs
Students honed their reading, writing and critical thinking skills, emphasizing literary analysis and criticism while learning more about the real-world challenges facing an autistic teenager in Mark Haddon's debut novel, "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time." As part of the project, students participated in the Southern California Polar Plunge to benefit the Special Olympics.
Jungle: The Chicago Stockyards Jungle: The Chicago Stockyards
In expository and creative writing assignments, students examined their feelings and personal connections to the social issues (poverty, racism, immigration, social injustice, ambition and capitalism run rampant) depicted in Upton Sinclair's 1906 novel, The Jungle.
Media Literacy Media Literacy
Priscilla shows off her media literacy project deconstructing an ad for French Lavender. Students presented their individual Bad Ad Analysis Essays, studied persuasive techniques, subtext, untold story and stereotypes. "None of this has anything to do with deodorant," Priscilla said, discussing the prevalence of provocative poses in advertising.
Rollercoaster Rollercoaster
The goal of this project was to design and build a roller coaster for marbles using card stock paper and to investigate how much of the gravitational potential energy of a marble at the starting point is converted to the kinetic energy of the marble at various points along the track. The roller coasters included curves, loops, and funnels. Students calculated speed, velocity, acceleration, kinetic and potential energy, gathering data that is unique to their own roller coaster.
Reading Fun Zone: Student-created Children's Stories Reading Fun Zone: Student-Created Children's Stories
Students wrote, illustrated, printed and bound children's books for humanities class. The 9th grade students studied plot structure, use of dialogue, and the elements of effective storytelling to create engaging picture books for a target audience of youngsters between the ages of two and seven.
Da Vinci Olympics Da Vinci Olympics
As part of the Olympics project, students studied the history, politics and culture of their selected country, including sports history, current economic condition, tourism, transportation, government, and more. We had an Opening and Closing ceremony, an Academic Decathlon, and many sporting events.
My Legacy My Legacy / My Destiny
Students explored and reflected on where they came from and the legacy they have left behind so far. They wrote goals and a vision for their future. As part of this project, they also worked on resume writing, figurative language, letter writing, graphing, negative numbers, and slope. The final work was displayed in beautiful, embellished scrapbook pages.
Motion in Motion: Flash Animation Motion in Motion Flash Animation
Carel demonstrates her engineering project called "The Capricorns." Carel's project explored circular motion, projectile path, and Newton's Three Laws of Motion.